Sports Premium


Our strategy for using the Sports Premium fund is to improve children’s fitness, improve the effectiveness of staff skills in teaching PE and to engage more children in sporting activity.

In 2015-16 we received £9,970 to enhance and promote physical well-being. We used these funds on:

  • Basketball, football, tag rugby, athletics, tennis, netball, cricket, rounders and multi-skills coaching in lessons throughout the school with the coaches working alongside classroom staff – £6,663
  • Improved basketball equipment – £1,500
  • PE lesson equipment – £1,807

Children’s health and well-being have been enhanced with all pupils having equal access to what is on offer. Our children, when surveyed, have a positive attitude to sport and fitness.

In 2016/17, we will continue to use the funds in the same way as in 2015/16 as this has had a positive impact and is proving effective in achieving our goals.

In addition to the activities above which have been funded using the Sports Premium, our Y4 children go swimming at the Brentwood Leisure Centre which is funded with parental contributions. We also have enhanced our extra-curricular provision in sport and holiday clubs through our contacts with Foundation Sport and Champions Academy to offer:

  • Basketball, tennis, football, netball, hockey, cricket and multi-skills coaching in lesson time
  • One-to-one swimming lessons for those who cannot yet swim 25m.