Sports Premium


In 2016/17 we received £9,779 to enhance and promote physical well-being. We used these
funds entirely very effectively on:

  • Basketball coaching
  • Football training
  • Tag Rugby training
  • Athletics coaching
  • PE equipment to offer the full curriculum
  • Upskilling school staff to offer more effective PE lessons in the future

The impact of this use of funding was evident in the number of children participating in PE, staff being more highly qualified and in Holly Trees winning the area’s Tag rugby tournament, Y4 basketball cup and achieving more highly in other areas of sport.

In 2017/18, we anticipate receiving at lease £19,580. We will continue to offer the same facilities and training as 2016/17 to continue with the benefits already seen.

Our goals for the year are:

  • To continue the successes in basketball and Tag Rugby;
  • To increase girl’s participation in sport;
  • To improve our successes in cross country, athletics and football.
  • To encourage a wider number of children to participate in a range of less popular sports.

In order to achieve our participation goals for this year, we will invite different children to participate in the less popular/common sports. This may mean that children who have been invited to one sporting event my not be asked next time, to enable more children to take part, not as a reflection of their sporting ability.

In basketball matches and the school football league, a squad is selected and members of this squad will be asked to participate in different matches throughout the season. Not every child in the squad will be chosen to play in each match.

Evidencing the Impact of Primary PE and Sport Premium Template 2017