School Governors


2018-2019 Governors

Chloe BartlettElected Parent16 May 201815 May 2022

Name Category of Governor Date appointed Term of office until
Neville A Brown JP
Chairman of Governors
Local Authority 25 June 2018 25 June 2022
Bob Barr Co-opted 1 September 2015 31 August 2019
Maria Bloom Co-opted 1 September 2015 31 August 2019
Margot Dennehy Co-opted 1 September 2015 31 August 2019
Jo Gray Co-opted 1 September 2015 31 August 2019
David Keen Co-opted 14 September 2016 13 September 2020
Irene Kjaer Elected Parent  27 June 2016  26 June 2020
Paula Masters  Headteacher Ex officio
Alex Reeves Elected Parent 10 February 2017 9 February 2021
Chris Sansom Elected Parent 27 June 2016 26 June 2020
Derek Trollope Co-opted 1 February 2016 31 January 2020
Kathryn Waters  Co-opted 23 September 2015 22 September 2019


The Role of the Governing Body

The governing body has a key role role in the school’s future development and in ensuring pupils achieve their potential. The governing body therefore works closely with the Head Teacher, teachers and support staff. Some of the specific roles of the governing body include:

  • Appointing the Headteacher and Deputy Head Teacher
  • Approving School targets
  • Approving the School Development Plan

Annual Governance Statement

A review of the Governing Body’s activities during the past school year, including the attendance records of Governors at meetings, is available here.

How to Get in Touch

If you would like to talk to anyone regarding the role of the governing body then please send a letter to the school’s office addressed to Mr. Neville A Brown.