School Council


What is the School Council?

The School Council is an elected group of children who meet regularly and work together to represent the pupils of Holly Trees.

Who can be a member of the School Council?

At the start of each academic year (in September) each class will nominate two children – normally a boy and a girl – to become their class councillors. Every class from Year One up to Year Six votes for the children that they think will be able to represent their class best at School Council meetings.

How long can you be a School Councillor for?

School Councillors are elected to represent their classes for one year.

How many School Councillors are there?

School Council has 24 members from years one to six.

What have the School Council been up to this year?

This year’s School Council has held its first meetings and presented an Assembly to the whole on a project it is working on to improve the school library. See below for just some of the things that the School Council were involved in last year:

  • Helping in the School Community Many of the School Council volunteer to help at the Christmas Fayre and Summer Fete and in pairs they are responsible for, or help with, the running of a stall. They organise fundraising events in consultation with their own Class Councils which help raise money to purchase school resources.
  • Problem Solving The School Council discuss and collect issues to raise that every Class Council have an input into, then meet to discuss anything they felt the School Council could help with to improve the school community and environment.
  • Helping in the wider community The children regularly plan activities to support charity events, such as, Children In Need, Red Nose Day, and for a school in Kenya that we have an on-going relationship with.