Extra curricular activities take place before school, after school or at lunchtime. Their exact nature varies with the time of year and availability of staff. Our aim is to offer children the opportunity to participate in a variety of after school activities. These may be organised and run by school staff or by a professional coach. There will be a charge for membership to the club if run by an outside organisation. Examples of the main extra curricular activities range from football to French, karate to knitting, and fundraising to Fairtrade.

Running club (before school)
Y6 arithmetic club (before school)
Recorders with Miss Burden (lunchtime)
PASS footfall – KS2 (after school)

BCHS netball for Y6 (lunchtime)
Table tennis club – run by Y6 (lunchtime)
BCSWT Supaclub (lunchtime)
PASS football – KS1 (after school)
French club (after school)

Netball (before school)
Y6 spelling and grammar club – Mr. Hocking (before school)
Eco club – Ms. Butler (lunchtime)
School of Rock (lunchtime)
Karate (after school)

Girls football – Y3 & Y4 run by Y6 (lunchtime)
Y3 & Y4 tag rugby club (after school)

Maths club – Mrs. Dawson (lunchtime)
Y5 & Y6 football refereeing club – Mr. Hocking (lunchtime)
Lego Club – Mr. Collins (lunchtime)